You have a work that no other can do

I teach 6- and 7-year-olds at church on Sundays. Nine of them. Sundays can be a little crazy. But now and again, a bolt of inspiration and encouragement strikes through the chaos. While we were gathered with two other classes for singing time, the chorister chose a song that I've never cared for. Something about …

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Not chocolate, but just as inspiring

On my phone, I keep a list of ideas I'd like to blog about, as well as a weekly reminder to guilt-trip/annoy me into posting somewhat regularly during the times that I feel utterly unmotivated. I referred back to that list when my reminder popped up today and had to laugh when, in the middle …

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Beauty and the Beast

I have been anxiously awaiting the new Beauty and the Beast movie since the moment I heard Emma Watson would play Belle. The trailers were gorgeous, and the movie did not disappoint. I'm not normally one for writing movie reviews, but how I could I leave this alone? I'll keep it spoiler-free for those who …

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Hello, Goodbye

Well, there goes February. Between WriteOnCon, beta reading, normal reading, finishing a draft of NOVUS, family events, and a move, the blog got neglected. But there's always next month, right? Here's a quick summary of February: What I read: Spiderwick Chronicles 1&2 by Holly Black (Definitely for younger MG. Short, easy reads.) No and Me …

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Fare thee well, January

Aaaaand that's a wrap on the first month of the year! Highlights: Books I read: Glimmer of Hope by Sarah Eden (depressing fluff--I didn't know that existed!) El Deafo by Cece Bell (great Own Voices graphic novel) The BFF Bucket List by Dee Romito (who is a fabulous MG writer AND a fabulous person) Crenshaw …

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Coloring coloring through the snow

Where I currently live, there's not easy access to a bookstore--meaning that I went SIX WHOLE MONTHS without going to a bookstore. (A feat only made possible by the local public library.) But today I decided that enough is enough, and we drove 40 minutes to get to the nearest Barnes and Noble. Which had …

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Procrastination is the answer

Things I have done to avoid outlining the rest of my rewrite today: Search for pictures of cool doors Make Jello play dough (it still stinks like play dough) Beta read Rave about aforementioned beta reading Check my email a billion times to see if my critique came back yet Crochet Clean Open and close …

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