You have a work that no other can do

I teach 6- and 7-year-olds at church on Sundays. Nine of them. Sundays can be a little crazy. But now and again, a bolt of inspiration and encouragement strikes through the chaos. While we were gathered with two other classes for singing time, the chorister chose a song that I've never cared for. Something about …

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Pam Eaton-An Extraordinary Few

Today, I'm pleased to share an interview with author Pam Eaton, whose book AN EXTRAORDINARY FEW released recently! You can find her on her website, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Enjoy! * * * Tell me about your book. This is my back cover blurb. And I'm only using it because I'd go on a long …

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Keeping your to-do list from undoing you

I have a new obsession. Checklists. Never in my life have I been a to-do list person. Generally, whenever I make one, it gets longer and longer and LONGER until I'm reduced to a cowering heap of tears before the 20-mile long list of things that I have to do and I WILL NEVER GET …

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Baby Steps

My oldest started preschool yesterday, and my husband starts his (FINAL!!) school year in a couple of weeks. We're slowly getting back into something resembling routine, and that means I'm taking another crack at the old blog. Writing has been slow lately--possibly because I started rereading Harry Potter and that's all I want to do …

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Little Fiction

Yikes. What just happened to June? We got word a couple weeks ago that we got into the family housing at the university, so we're packing everything up and getting ready for the chaos that is moving. But it will be lovely to be nearer the university and closer to some fun places to visit …

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May and Beautiful People

May was a month for stepping back, planning, and reigniting the flames of creativity. Work is slowly moving forward on the Endless Sands, and there is hope that life may one day return to a semi-normal routine. One day. Okay, scratch that last part--who am I kidding? What I read this month: Rain Reign by …

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Not chocolate, but just as inspiring

On my phone, I keep a list of ideas I'd like to blog about, as well as a weekly reminder to guilt-trip/annoy me into posting somewhat regularly during the times that I feel utterly unmotivated. I referred back to that list when my reminder popped up today and had to laugh when, in the middle …

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