Back with a new book!!

Hello, WordPress! Yes, it’s me. I’m making an attempt to bring back my blog for a very important announcement…

I’ve got a Christmas novella coming out at the end of the month! Keep scrolling for details…


One charming (possibly haunted) inn.
One charming (friendzoned) pastry chef.
And one unexpected reunion.

Seraphina has landed the perfect job as a publicist for a charming (albeit allegedly haunted) inn in a dreamy mountain town. She’s even sworn the only romance-eligible member of the staff to a strict vow of friendship, leaving her free of complicated dating drama. But when her estranged brother walks into her life after twelve years’ absence, her perfect setup crumbles, leaving her uncertain what path to take next. Is it better to keep her heart under guard, where she’s kept it safe for so many years? Or can the Christmas spirit and a friendzone-bound pastry chef convince her to give love and family another chance?

Coming November 26! Add it on Goodreads and preorder on Amazon!

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