Little Fiction

Yikes. What just happened to June? We got word a couple weeks ago that we got into the family housing at the university, so we’re packing everything up and getting ready for the chaos that is moving. But it will be lovely to be nearer the university and closer to some fun places to visit with the kids.

My time’s also been eaten up a bit over on Instagram. Jenny Bravo started the #littlefiction hashtag for the month of June, which is essentially a (very) short story written on a Post-it or a notecard. (Mine are all lost in boxes, so I settled for a small notebook.) It’s been incredibly fun, and there are some great little stories on the hashtag! If you’re on Instagram, take a minute to check it out–or, even better, join in! It’s amazing what a creative boost it is. Here’s a little sampler, and the first story I posted:


I’ve never heard a sound, nor spoken a word.

I’ve never forgotten a thing I’ve seen.

The images, the memories, they crowded and clamored and nearly burst the limits of my mind with their constant need to be seen and re-seen.

Until I discovered the pen. I wrote, and I wrote, and I burned what I wrote, because by then I’d found that underestimation was my greatest ally. I learned to watch without seeming to watch. I stopped burning everything I wrote and began passing it to the ones who could make the best use of it.

And, with my pen, I soundlessly destroyed an empire.


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