Not chocolate, but just as inspiring

On my phone, I keep a list of ideas I’d like to blog about, as well as a weekly reminder to guilt-trip/annoy me into posting somewhat regularly during the times that I feel utterly unmotivated. I referred back to that list when my reminder popped up today and had to laugh when, in the middle of several great ideas, I saw the word “chocolate.” Just that. Nothing else.

I have no clue what I meant when I typed that, but chocolate’s never a bad idea, right?

So tonight, I’m sharing some virtual chocolate with all my bloggy friends. And if you’re in need of a pick-me-up tonight, go take a listen to this song. Go forth and remember:

It’s gonna be okay.


PS If you have any love of Jane Austen and young adult literature, go read For the Darkness Shows the Stars. SOOOOO GOOD.

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